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GoActive Physio, a leading Physiotherapy clinic in Burlington Ontario, is the right place for individuals looking for reliable and effective physiotherapy treatment. As the name suggests, GoActive is committed to empowering you to become active like before and reclaim the healthy, fulfilling, and active lifestyle you’ve always enjoyed. For that, we pull out all stops and help you acquire the strength and motivation you need to rebuild your mobility.

Our Physiotherapy Services in Burlington


Orthopedic Physiotherapy
(Pre and Post-surgical)

This area of physiotherapy collectively addresses all bodily systems with a musculoskeletal system for treatment. It is especially focused on and concerned with neurological and cardiovascular systems. If performed by a competent physiotherapist, Orthopaedic Physiotherapy makes it possible for you to resume your daily lifestyle and activities after any injury, accident, or surgery.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy is an area of physiotherapy that provides treatment for muscles, joints, and soft tissues affected by injuries and specific conditions. Patients suffering from arthritis and fracture also benefit from this physiotherapy. Other conditions that Musculoskeletal physiotherapy addresses include:

3D render of a close up of a spine with the discs highlighted

Sports Physiotherapy

As the term suggests, Sports Physiotherapy is pertinent to the field of sports and athletics. At our clinic, we offer effective prevention and management of pain, discomfort, and injuries to sportspersons too. Sports Physiotherapy is useful for individuals of all age groups and levels. Sports Physiotherapist provides treatment on the basis of evidence-based advice to ensure future prevention and safety. Regaining a healthy, active lifestyle free from injuries and pain is also an important objective of Sports Physiotherapy.

Other Treatments at our Burlington Clinic

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Dr. Amr Mostafa - Chiropractor at GoActive Physio Clinic Burlington

Dr. Amr Mostafa

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