Custom Orthotics in Burlington Ontario

Custom Orthotics in Burlington Ontario

Custom orthotics are specially designed corrective shoe inserts that offer personalized support conferring to the structure of your feet. Made to order, Custom orthotics help improve your stride and manage discomfort, fix or adjust biomechanical irregularities, foot deformities (i.e. bunions, hammertoes, flat foot, high arches), and a variety of joint and muscle diseases (i.e. arthritis). At our Physiotherapy Clinic in Burlington Ontario, we provide orthotic insoles that are tailor-made for YOU.

As you walk, Custom Orthotics redistributes the force and pressure applied to your muscles and joints. This ensures relief to your feet and the rest of your body by keeping them stress and pain-free.

Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Doctors may prescribe orthotics to treat several medical conditions, such as:
  • Arthritis
  • Back ache
  • Bunions
  • Bursitis
  • Diabetes
  • Flat Feet
  • Hammer Toes
  • Heel spurs
  • High arches
  • Injuries
  • Plantar fasciitis

Custom Orthotics FAQs

Do Custom Orthotics work?

Custom orthotics can relieve pain in the foot, knees, hips, or low back, improve walking, help regain balance and stability, and improve flexibility and posture. At GoActive Physio Clinic in Burlington Ontario, we have relevant experience in providing custom foot orthotics depending on the medical condition of the client.

Custom Orthotics vs Store-bought Insoles?

A custom orthotic is a tailor-made insole created from the model of a person’s foot by taking their gait, measurements of their ranges of motion, and biomechanics whereas a store-bought insole is an off-the-shelf insole that follows a “one-size-fits-most” approach relying on some basic standards about foot shape and size.

Is custom orthotics covered by insurance?

Custom orthotics are not covered by OHIP. Most insurance plans have coverage for custom orthotics as they recognize the need and benefit these devices provide people.

Are custom orthotics tax deductible?

Custom Orthotics in Burlington Ontario can be deducted as a medical expense as long as it is paid to a medical practitioner.

Does custom orthotics hurt feet?

Custom Orthotics are designed to help your feet, not hurt them. Although there may be a short time frame before your feet adjust to their use. In due course of time, you will probably no longer even notice you are wearing them. At our Burlington Ontario Clinic, Custom Foot Orthotics are tailor-designed for each patient.

How long do custom orthotics last?

Custom foot orthotics may typically last for two to three years. Also, if your custom orthotics are made from hard plastic, they may need replacement every three to five years. However, if they are made from soft plastic or foam, they may need a replacement every year.

Are custom orthotics uncomfortable?

Custom orthotics may be a bit uncomfortable at first. There are three types of orthotics: hard, soft, and semi-rigid. It may take a little adjustment when using new custom orthotics. However, Custom Orthotics are not uncomfortable to wear. It is recommended you wear your orthotics regularly so you and your body can adjust and get used to them.

Are custom orthotics worth it?

Although expensive, Custom Orthotics are an investment that is worth it in the long run, helping you save money long-term. Non-custom orthotics are cheaper but are often made with unreliable and inferior quality material and are not specifically designed for your issues.

Are custom orthotics helpful?

Custom orthotics offer cushion and support to your body by redistributing the pressure your feet experience and allowing your feet to function properly. Custom Orthotics designed at our Burlington Ontario Physiotherapy Clinic are beneficial to reduce foot pain caused by medical conditions such as arthritis, bunions, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and diabetes.

Are custom orthotics good for plantar fasciitis?

A well-made custom orthotic can play a big role in improving your plantar fasciitis. It works by redistributing the pressure placed on your foot, so your heel takes less stress and prevents the formation of plantar fasciitis. Custom orthotics are one of the best-recommended treatments for plantar fasciitis!

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